Our lesson program is designed to teach overall horsemanship principles; not just how to brush and put on a saddle, but how to read your horse — are they calm and focused or are they distracted? We want our students to have fun while practicing safe riding, and reach their full potential. We offer beginner to advanced lessons, for riders of all ages.

IMG_5350Riding Rates:

Private lessons: $60 | 1 student for 1 hour

Group lessons: $50 | 3 to 4 students (same riding level) for 1 hour

Billing policy: We prefer to receive payment on a monthly basis for riders in a regular/weekly lesson schedule. We can accept PayPal, Venmo, credit card (in person or over the phone) check or cash.

Example-If you have paid for a month of lessons (4) and one of those lessons had to be cancelled because of inclement weather or if it was a client who cancelled, the missed/paid lesson would roll over into the next month. You would be only obligated to pay  for 3 instead of 4. This way you never miss out on one of your paid lessons!

Riding Rules:​

New students should arrive about 10 minutes before lesson time to allow a parent/guardian to review/fill out our liability waiver. In the 1 hour lesson riders will receive instruction on grooming the horse as well as tacking up the horse for the lesson. At the end of your lesson, plan for 20 minutes for your horse  to cool down and untack, as well as time to clean up and put away your equipment.

What Are Riding Lessons Like?

At RHS, we have riders of all different ages, skill levels, and disciplines all working towards improving themselves in the saddle and achieving all of there riding goals  with their horse.

Beginner riders will learn how to handle a horse: proper leading and grooming techniques, staying safe around horses, tacking up (putting on the saddle, bridle etc,) and starting to walk, steer, and even trot. Make sure to bring a waiver for your first lesson!

As riders advance they will learn and practice cantering, staying centered and balanced in the saddle through transitions (walk-trot, trot-canter) and maintaining gait (speed) through different patterns including circles, poles and lead changes.

For riders wanting to jump, they must have the basics down and be able to control the horse confidently through their gaits before starting on trot/canter poles, cross rails and eventually moving up to verticals.

Inclement Weather:

Since the weather at times is very unpredictable or in case of obvious inclement weather, please call/text 919-225-8872 to find out if lessons are cancelled. If you are a “no show” you will be responsible for payment of the full cost of the lesson.

Cancellation Policy:

Our policy is at  least 24 hours notice if you will not attend your lesson. You will be responsible for the full cost of the lesson if you are a “no show.”​



First-time lesson students must fill out a waiver to participate. You can print it off and come prepared to save time, or we have extras at the barn.